I work as a communications consultant in Geneva, specialising in strategic communication. With  over 12 years of experience working in project management and communications in an international environment and diverse background, I work with International Organisations, NGO’s and Multinationals to help them improve various aspects linked to communications. Having spent my youth in South America and Canada I am able to work in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Through a Network of Professionals, we offer the following services:

  • Development of online communications strategies – how to reach your communications objectives most effectively.
  • New approaches to stakeholder management – how to segment your audiences and adapt your messages and channels to specific audiences.
  • Social media strategies – with rapidly changing technology, staying abreast the newest developments and at the same time managing your online strategies in terms of identity and output can be a challenge. Our network can help individuals and organisations explore new ways of segmenting their audiences and adapting their communications accordingly.
  • Evaluation and measurement of communications activities and campagins – Through OwlRe, Research & Evaluation we can support organisations in analysing, assessing and evaluating activities in the communications, training/events and development fields.
  • Video and DVD production – with anvproductions & with thierryweber.com we help individuals and organisations reach their communications objectives through video production. Services range from professional production of videos suitable for dissemination on television or internet, learning how to produce your own videos with any camera or iphone, as well as the production of video CV’s.
  • Intercultural communications – if you are traveling to another country, cultural differences can be the deciding factor between a contract gained or lost. We can help you prepare in advance taking into consideration the diverse approaches to business management depending on the cultural context.
In addition, we organise workshops and individual coaching on the following topics:
  • Social media workshops/individual coaching – for individuals or organisations who are unsure about social media: we can help you understand what is available and how to manage information and identities online in a sustainable manner.
  • Media training and public speaking – how to learn to tell “your story” with confidence, coherence, and openness.
  • Management coaching – how to communicate effectively in a team (with Titatium)

To learn more send me an email or call me on +41 79 278 14 79.

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